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Millennial to CEO Podcast

Mar 1, 2018

Joel is an award-winning high school teacher and championship soccer coach who is also an author and public speaker, focusing on leadership and education. He is a husband, a father, and he is currently working on his first book about leadership, due to be published in early summer.



Joel has been studying leadership in different ways since 2000 when he first began studying servant leadership at Covenant College. Joel has always loved that model of servant leadership, but the concepts of Confident Humility really became a core part of his identity following his divorce. After his divorce, Joel was forced to confront the fact that almost all the negatives in his life were the result of his own pride, and therefore the only solution is humility. These lessons then became applicable in every area of his personal and professional life, from his second marriage, to his parenting, to the way in which he teaches, coaches, speaks, and writes. And Joel believes these same concepts and principles are applicable in every area of every else's life as well.


Questions You'll Hear Today:


1) Why is rethinking leadership so crucial to building a successful business?

2) What is Confident Humility, and what does it have to do with business and entrepreneurship? 

3) How do these principles apply to my specific business venture or to various business models?

4) Why does a leader's attitude and approach matter even more than any product or service?

5) Why do you focus so much on relationships when discussing these topics?

6) Do these principles apply well to a large group, or just in small groups?



Connect with Joel W. Hawbaker:



Twitter: @RealLifeLeading