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Millennial to CEO Podcast

Mar 22, 2018

Getting Your Business Off to a Strong Start


Kyle Gantzer is an entrepreneur and founder of Gantzer International, a development firm and technology incubator that specializes in rapid prototyping, early stage business incubation, and software development. Kyle is passionate about solving real-world problems with make sense technology.



Kyle's business journey began when he was working with a nonprofit in Ukraine. His exposure to international markets and developing economies helped him become an expert at solving large problems with straightforward solutions. The solutions created today are technology-based and offer a pragmatic approach to complex issues. Kyle's defining moment came when he was two years into his business and realized that most "tech" people talk above the layman vocabulary. Since that moment, Kyle and his business have made it their mission to not only help their customers solve problems with technology, but Kyle and his team make sure their journey with Gantzer Int. is just as much about education and understanding HOW to be an effective tech executive. Simply put, Gantzer Int. works hard to not only develop, but to also teach.



Questions You'll Hear Today:


1. I have a great idea for a business/product, so where do I start?

2. What have you seen in your experience that makes a technology product successful?

3. Onshore versus offshore: is there a difference in software development?

4. If I'm not a tech person, how do I become an effective leader of a technically backed organization?

5. Where do you start when it's time to raise money?




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