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Millennial to CEO Podcast

Apr 19, 2018

Powering Stories with Depth and Honesty


Matt Scott leads storytelling and engagement at the innovation agency and business accelerator SecondMuse and is the creator of 180º of Impact, a project to interview and celebrate 180 people changing our world for the better. In the past few years, his work has included communications projects with NASA, Nike, USAID, and the Australian Government as well as involvement in the White House Open Data Innovation Summit and a presentation UN Leaders Programme. To-date, his 180º of Impact interviews have included the former CEO of Pepsi, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, NASA Datanauts and dozens of other change makers.


Matt has always been fascinated by stories, specifically capturing stories in a way that truly conveys their depth and power and that will live on forever. He first did that years ago in a 40 minute audio recording of part of his dad's story, chronically his father's upbringing and resilience in the face of racism and our country's only closing of the schools during the civil rights era. Matt's dad went on to do great things, including serving in the army, graduating Harvard Business School, having a beautiful family of his own and owning his own business, all the while being incredibly humble about it all. When Matt's father passed away on March 8, 2017, Matt was really compelled to give others a platform to share their stories in their own words rather than doing it in his own words, pivoting 180º of Impact from a blog to a platform where Matt actually interviews people making a difference, sharing their stories in their own words and voice.





Questions You'll Hear Today:


  1. You graduated with a degree in business administration, concentrating in marketing, from the George Washington University. Why did you choose to work in the social impact realm (as opposed to in the corporate world, for example)?
  2. In interviewing social entrepreneurs for 180º of Impact, what have you learned about what leads to someone starting a social enterprise?
  3. Is there a story that stands out that reminds you why you do the work you do?
  4. What has been the biggest challenge you've come up against in your career?
  5. Through your work, what is the best piece of advice you've heard?
  6. What advice would you give to a millennial starting their career?
  7. What is your vision for your career and for 180º of Impact?



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