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Millennial to CEO Podcast

Sep 20, 2018

Joseph Snyder: Having a Blockchain Company  


A serial entrepreneur for over fifteen years, Joe is the CEO of the publicly traded, revolutionary blockchain company, Lannister Holdings. Lannister Holdings is working to generate scaled revenues and growth by developing, owning, and delivering proprietary technology to the financial sector. Joe is a natural leader with the skills to inspire world-class staff, the positive work ethic to overcome even the biggest challenges, and the ability to grow and brand within highly competitive and regulated spaces.  



Questions You'll Hear Today:   

1) Joe tell us about your back ground in the real estate world. I mentioned in the intro that you’ve been in it for 15 years. How did you get into real estate?   
2) Tell us about your company Lannister Holdings.   
3) What is meant by Blockchain?   
4) What are the mechanics of Blockchain technology?   
5) Can Blockchains be used for anything other than currency applications like Bitcoin?   
6) Are big companies using blockchain tech? If so, who and why?   
7) What is Fintech?   
8) What does Blockchain tech and cryptocurrency have to do with real estate transactions?   
9) What are the advantages of using blockchain tech in real estate transactions?   
10) You like to talk about entrepreneurship. What does that mean to you?  


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Twitter: @LannisterCEO     





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Show Notes by Show Producer: Jessie Taylor  


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