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Millennial to CEO Podcast

Oct 4, 2018

Jay Kali: Building and Empowering Women 


 Jay Kali, AKA The Strength Architect, doesn’t just build better bodies; he helps build strong, motivated and empowered women. As a coach and fitness specialist for over six years who lives in Cancun, Mexico and has owned/operated 3 different fitness businesses, wrote an Amazon Bestselling book and runs his business 100% online. 



Questions You'll Hear Today:  


 1) What did you do beforehand? Worked in a prison and what else? College? Your background?  
2) How could you just quit and leave everything behind like that?  
3) How did you know a gym would work or was your calling?  
4) What was your biggest struggle with your brick and mortar gyms?  
5) What was your biggest struggle moving from brick and mortar to the online world?  
6) What has been your greatest reward in all of this?  
7) If you could go back in time and change anything, would you?  


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