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Millennial to CEO Podcast

Mar 14, 2019

Dave Diehl: You Know You’re an Entrepreneur When…


Outdoor enthusiast, adrenaline junkie, entrepreneur, speaker and coach-- Dave Diehl is a high-energy, ambitious real estate investor.


Starting from humble beginnings, he launched his entrepreneurial career at a young age when he opened his first lemonade stand. This small and seemingly insignificant event catapulted him into entrepreneurship. Long after this experience, during a short year and a half in the medical sales industry, he was directly involved with the sales team to generate a half a million dollars in sales revenue per month. 


As a serial entrepreneur he has raised in excess of $1 million in capital for six different startups. 

Dave’s story goes so much deeper than raising money and investing in startups and real estate. Just 9 years ago, he was involved in a near-fatal automobile accident that changed his perspective on life and its irreplaceable value. Not only does he have a real passion for business, but he also has a love for life that will help inspire anyone he comes in contact with to crush their limitations. He captures this love of life with his beautiful wife of 9 years, who he loves spending as much time as possible with exploring the great outdoors.  Dave also has a solid belief in giving back to the community for all of the generous blessings he’s received, and he’s devoted countless service hours to his neighborhoods and church. One of the main mottos he lives by is to live every day like it's your last. 



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