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Millennial to CEO Podcast

Jul 19, 2018

Fearlessly Creating a brand 


Today’s guest is a creative business leader, speaker, and the principal owner of Lime Life Media, which is a Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing agency. Through a purpose-driven mindset today’s guest believes in building standout brands that grow businesses who inspire those they serve through the products and services they offer to do more and be more.



Questions You'll Hear Today:  


1. What is Brand and Why does it matter? 
2. Why in today’s economy your brand is more important than your business? 
3. A simple 3 Step Brand Ladder Framework to immediately increase your product/service value? 
4. How to Overcome your fears and limiting self-doubt to achieve your goals through a purpose-driven mindset? 
5. Understanding the Business connections and differences between Branding, Marketing, and your Products/Services? 


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